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Welcome to Bascule School of Learning

Bascule School of Learning is truly a fantastic school with dedicated and highly competitive teachers. We offer excellent resources and the most fantastic learning environment. We believe that school is supposed to be fun and infact it is incredibly important.So the learning is planned and the environment is created accordingly. We focus on the development of whole child and strive for the highest academic standards.

At Bascule School of Learning (BSL) teachers continue to demonstrate that they are among the very best. They serve a diverse student body and do so with excellence. Over the past few years, our teachers have pushed themselves to learn new and innovative ways to reach students and raise achievement. They work hard to support students at all levels and to provide supportive yet rigorous instruction for all learners. Feedback from our students and the parent community shows that their work is greatly appreciated. Here’s a big thank you to Bascule teachers for all they do.


Our Intro And Team